These are the agricultural services offered by Robert Tuckwell Contractors. Please use the online enquiry form or call Daniel Tuckwell for details on any of the following:

Hesston BalingBaling: There are eight Massey Ferguson balers for making high quality silage, haylage, hay and straw bales. This gives the choice of 4-string bales (4-8ft) or 6-string bales (4-8ft).

Bale wrapping: There are three bale wrapping machines available. McHale and Kuhn wrappers are used for wrapping round and square bales.

Bale Band-IT: Conventional bales with Bale Band-IT in packs of 21.


Grforager and trailer 2ass silaging: Triple mowers, tedders, rakes, 10×16 ton trailers, and a self-propelled forager with a yield monitor. JCB434 for clamping.

Whole crop silaging: Direct disc header, processing mill.

Maize silaging: Corn cracker, 10 row maize header.



Muck Spreading: Ktwo spreadersHeaps, yards and slurry lagoons. For muck spreading, our 4 x 18 tonne KTwo Spreaders are fitted with weight cells and variable rate controllers, 12m or 24m spreading. Loading is done by a standard loader, loading shovel or 360 digger.




Slurry TankeIMG_1731r: For high output slurry tankering, a Samson slurry tanker with a 24 metre dribble bar is used. This is usually pulled by a 360 horsepower Fendt tractor.





Spraying: AmazonIMG_1634e Pantera Sprayer with full GPS technology with steering and auto shut off is used.





Combinincombine 1g: A 35 foot terra track combine is used for high output harvesting. Corn cart service is available with 16 ton trailers kitted up with weight cells.




PloPloughingughing: 2 x 6 furrow ploughs are available.

Cultivating: 3 metre Sumo trailed cultivator with 300hp tractor;

Flat lifting

Vaderstad carrier cultivator

Sub soiling; Power harrowing; Moleing; Drilling


Drill 1

Maize Drilling: Our Horsch 16 row precision maize drill, offering big bag fertiliser and micro-granular.  Assisted by GPS guidance for individual seeder unit shut off.

 Cereal Drilling: Vaderstad 6 metre rapid drill




Grassland manageCulitvatingment:

Sward lifting 


Flat rolling 






13 tonne 360 digger

3 tonne mini digger

3 tonne vibrating roller